Traits, not Dates.

I was going to write something inherently brilliant and hilarious about feminism or something of import, but I became distracted by the fact that I suddenly and of this very instant, feel so disconnected from my Zodiac Sign that I’ve dumped the ever patient Virgo and decided to go with Aries.  The very nature of this impulsivity proves that I was always meant to be an Aries.

Refer to chart below. You can then decide if you too believe in your star sign based on Traits Not Dates (patent pending).

zodiac chart

Basically, I have Zodiac Dysmorphia (patent pending).

Don’t get me wrong, Virgo is a perfectly lovely star sign and her birthstone is to die for (deep blue sapphire anyone?). But I’ve just never felt like she represented me.  I mean sure, I like to think I’m intelligent, school-based tests back this up and I am shy… to a point.  Hmmmm must try and define the difference between introverted and shy…. maybe next time. However, meticulous, reliable and conservative? Not on your nelly!

When we refer to the Aries side of things though – wow. I score a point in every box! Quick-witted, quick-tempered, impulsive and selfish! Boom baby. That’s more like it! And trust me when I say it takes a big ole dollop of courage to wake up and be me every day.

So Aries it is. I’m jumping ship. Virgo won’t mind, she never really liked having me around anyway. I bring the tone of the group down. Hello Aries! Do you love me yet?


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