No fear in being a feminist.

I’m tired of being told the things I stand for don’t matter and won’t make a difference.That my anger goes unheeded like a childish tantrum thrown blindly at a system and that won’t change.
Because I know full well that if you’d lived your life being mysteriously ‘less than’ the boy standing beside you, once you realized that your heart would seize too. You’d wait for that misconception to be pulled into order. For it to be recognized and righted. For it to be acknowledged. And when it wasn’t then, or at any time since, that nugget of hurt would eventually turn to bitterness and rage. 

It’s almost laughable really. To be so undervalued and yet essential as a woman in this world. To have the unique ability to create life and then see those creations turn into the men that stand in our shoulders to get to the top. To always be the bottom half of an unwanted specky and never get to touch the ball.

Fuck that nonsense. The game is changing. I am part of it. Whose with me?

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