Wait, what? Bugger.

When you’re in the bathroom doing a wee bleach jobby on your hair, and you have the window open and the lights on cos it’s hard to see (or breathe, with all the bloody fumes). And quite rightly naked ‘cos bleach does a number on clean towels. When suddenly, just as I’m adjusting the tin foil over the bleach, because I am a professional at this obviously, the local bus goes past slowly. Fortunately empty except for the driver who at that moment is close enough to catch my eye and nearly goes off the narrow road in surprise. I mean honestly, he only has himself to blame.Yes I may look like a nut job, but my space helmet head and I are safely ensconced in our own home and I’ll thank you not to stare! Good day sir! 

#homehaircare #getreadywithme #maycontainnudity #notsorry

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