Vale Bam Bam

Recently we had to say goodbye to our beautiful little trooper Bam Bam. She was our baby for 13 years and looked after us so well. Life is not the same without her. I’m trying to remember all the good things though, because she’d like it better that way. Mumma is sad Bambino, you were the best. Run free baby girl, no more pain. I’ll see you again one day 💗🐾

She loved to run for the pure joy of speed.

She loved to bark at the gate.

She loved to greet every visitor with excitement and big kisses.

She loved to see my car pull up.

She loved to sunbake.

She loved to wrestle.

She loved to chase her ball. Her love for her ball bordered on obsession.

She loved spare ribs from Pinkies.

She loved me from the day I met her.

She loved our kids when they came along.

She loved all the many many cats that came through our house.

She loved her weird little sister Nikki.

She loved belly rubs and cuddles.

She loved her friends.

She loved her life.

She loved us.

She loved.

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