I’m a big big girl…

Reasons why I shouldn’t be allowed to adult:

* If left unsupervised I do very stupid things. Right now I’m sitting in my lounge room on a camp chair because last week I sold my couch with no viable back up plan.

* I totally gave up and let the kids eat all the chocolate out of their Advent Calendars for dinner if it meant I didn’t have to cook.

* I like animals more than people. My message bank says ‘please hang up and text me’. There’s also a sign on my door that reads ‘sorry I’m not good at people-ing’ and it’s not ironic.

* Today I had a 4 hour nap, woke up with a nap hangover, felt queasy and guilty and will definitely do it again tomorrow.

* If my brother doesn’t ask me what I feel like for lunch, I’ll forget to eat most days until 4pm.

* Most of my texts to husband person start with ‘ok, don’t be mad but…’

* I spontaneously acquire pets. I’m not ever sorry.

* I once got stuck in a laughing fit so badly I left work early.

* I often park ‘by braille’ in crowded car parks.

* I watch ridiculously scary movies and then make husband walk me to the toilet at night time… it’s 6 feet across the hallway.

* I got a bit excited about the easy money from selling my couch, so I sold all my book cases, then had no where to put all my books, so I sold them too.

* I say I’m becoming a minimalist but really I’m addicted to the excitement of selling things now… anyone wanna buy my stove?

* I got distracted writing this and decided to watch Rosehaven instead.

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