A golden age

Some of my friends have heard me say that I think we’re living in a golden age and make this half hearted smile like I’m being sarcastic. Fair call, more often then not I am sarcastic. But not this time.

Because we ARE living in a golden age. Right now if you’re reading this on a tablet or your phone can you just take a sec and go wow, yeah, that’s pretty cool. As a kid who grew up in the 90’s with no internet, phone, tablet or such it’s pretty fricken awesome. The best we had were Gameboys, Tazo’s, Tamagotchi’s and Rollerblades we’re still the hot new thing. We didn’t have phones and we went home when the streetlights came on. Trust me kids, you’re luckier than you think.

Also, this year Australia FINALLY voted yes to marriage equality, made it law and made me cry big fat happy tears. I was diagnosed with RA but because of the wonderful drugs we have now, my pain won’t be 24/7 like it could have been 10 years ago. Today I’m sitting on my couch, under the air con, watching whatever the heck I want on Netflix while scrolling through Facebook on my phone. Life is goooooood.

There’s no pitch here, no ironic message. As someone who often doesn’t have a lot of mobility I’m grateful. I can talk online to my friends, stay entertained and up to date with the world and I have no excuse to ever be bored. Pretty great huh?

Sometimes, all the little things in life that we see every day can add up to something pretty special. I’ve got a call coming in on my watch now, the one my Dad calls my Maxwell Smart gadget.

So TTFN my dears.

💋 Bon xx

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