This happened last year and thanks to Facebook memories I’m going to share it here. Because we all need to laugh. My goal for 2019? More funny stuff here. It’s the crunchy nut topping on life.

Because no one ever remembers that they’ve got the sheets on the line until bedtime, Tevita and I find ourselves standing at the clothesline in the middle of he night.

In the darkness across the road someone gently clears their throat. A monster! I low key scream-moan, loudly demand Tevita saves me and bolt. Tevita is in the middle of saying ‘don’t worry honey, I’ll protect you. I don’t care if they see me in my jocks’ but when he turns around in the middle of this declaration I have disappeared. And no, I didn’t go back to check on him.

That’s how fast I will leave a person in the dark, in the middle of the night when I get a small fright.

Oh and if you’re wondering why yes, it turns out this fat girl CAN run when scared. Who knew?

Keep laughing peeps,

X Bon